My Money Spell

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I learned this spell over 20 years ago. It is the simplest, easiest and most effective spell imaginable. And…It has ALWAYS worked for me.

So, before we get begin, you will need to gather some simple supplies. All you need is a crisp, new dollar bill (or the nicest one you have). I much prefer REAL – but it can be play money if you prefer. (Forewarning…It is illegal to burn money). You will also need a pen, fire safe bowl, candle and some incense.

Don’t forget about I believe are the most important components for Successful Spell Casting:

Passion fuels a successful spell; doubt can kill it.

Have a clear goal.

Rhyming is great!  An old adage says that spells should rhyme. A rhymed spell has rhythm and joyfulness in it, it’s easy to remember and repeat, and the repetition itself creates an altered, magical consciousness.

Now it’s time to begin.

First, create a “sacred” space…say a prayer, call in the elements, play some music, whatever feels right. Be relaxed yet focused (breathing can help, a cleansing bath or shower or meditation). Light the incense and candle. Call in YOUR divinity (God, universe, angels, guides, higher self, whatever words you use. I work elementally – so I am going to call in the air, fire, water and earth elements.


Now, I want you to concentrate on the candle a couple minutes, watch the smoke of the incense and think about all the material and monetary things you want to bring into your life. You can include things like zero balance on your credit card, new car, money in the bank, etc. etc. Really concentrate. I want you to literally see it, smell it, feel it, taste it in every cell of your body.

Once you do, start passionately writing it on the dollar bill. You can write as much as you can cram in. (It’s okay if it becomes illegible). See yourself having these things NOW.  When you have written everything you want on the bill (you can include pictures, signs or sigils if you want), hold the dollar bill up. Wave it over the incense smoke three times. Keep your intention high. Pass it over the candle three times – and on the third time…LIGHT THE DOLLAR BILL!

My favorite time to do this is on a full moon…and for the burning part of the ritual I do it outside under the light of the moon so I can watch the smoke drifting up to the heavens. You CAN do it whenever needed of course…but if possible, it is best on the full moon itself – or during the period of the waxing moon. Okay…back to the burning…THIS is where you have to really create the energy. Sway back and forth as it burns. Come up with a chant “money, money, money – come to me. Money, money, money now I see” – or anything that suits your fancy. My favorite is a MAAA chant which I demonstrate on my money spell youtube video. Whichever method you are choosing THIS is the part where you are building the energy up and up and up!

When the last bit of the dollar burns (drop it into the fire safe bowl to avoid burning your fingers) you shoot all that energy and intention up into the universe. It is done!  Say something like “By the power of three times three, this spell bound round shall be” – or just a great big AHO or AMEN will do!  Now, know that it has worked and go out and live into that reality. Check in with me when your spell starts working! Sometimes it’s REALLY fast. Sometimes it takes a biy, but believe me; it has brought amazing abundance to tons of people I’ve known for years now.

Now, follow those guidelines and go out and create some magic. The one real “rule” to remember is a spell is only used to control yourself, never another or nature. Do not do spell work on someone else’s behalf without their permission. Before performing your spell, carefully think through all the possible repercussions to make certain that it does not have a manipulative component.

Always stay in integrity. Always work in the “light” and all will be well!