I have been blessed to know Patti Negri and call her my dear friend for many years. And on a professional level, we have also been grateful to Patti for her incredible talents and innate gifts.
I hired Patti to do an energetic house cleaning after we had purchased our 1926 Spanish home. The man who lived here had gone into a nursing home, but was an abusive, mean-spirited and rage-filled person. The house was in a truly disgusting physical state after 40 years of literally no attention. However the man’s negative energy continued to pervade the entire home even after he had moved out and we had begun to renovate it. I was pregnant with our first child and we needed to do a lot more than just make the house livable for us and a new baby. We needed to clear out the man’s offensive energy that hung around here like millions of invisible cobwebs.
For the house cleaning, Patti asked us to invite friends, family and neighbors to help us. The house was empty of furniture and belongings, but Patti was able to tune into the exact spot where the man’s armchair sat while he watched TV. She also strongly felt his energy in the only bedroom upstairs, which was where he stayed for 40 years. Patti knew nothing about him, nor did we give her any indication of where he spent his time in the house. I still get goosebumps thinking about how she immediately hit upon those two distinct areas that he spent all of his time in based on his lasting energy alone.
There were about 10 people here to do the house cleaning and we all brought brooms, imaginary and real, to sweep out the dismal and bad energy, then replace it with happiness, radiance and light-filled energy. Patti performed rituals in every room of our large old home with all of us, imbuing it with light and love and positive energy.
I have to admit that everyone was a bit skeptical at first, but then we all felt the change. It was as through the clouds lifted and the light just poured in. The house literally felt completely different than it had an hour before. Everyone enjoyed the entire experience and Patti made it thoroughly enjoyable, relaxing and fun. It still amazes me how she was able to strip the anger and fear and darkness away and invite in the joy and light that is in our home every single day.
I have referred Patti many times to other people who need energetic or spiritual house cleanings, and she has always helped them completely, as well. Energy is able to be changed in the hands of someone truly empowered with the gifts that Patti has. She has also helped me several times in issues of my health to clear out the sick energy and invite the good and healthy.
Again, I have always experience the highest and most positive results with Patti. She is truly one of the most positive, wonderful, light-filled people on earth. Please feel free to contact me anytime about Patti – I truly can’t recommend her enough!
Lisa Katz
I am not a spiritual person. I was raised by an adamantly atheistic rocket scientist who regarded any belief in the spirit world idiocy. So when I told Patti of my problem, I wasn’t really expecting anything, but thought it certainly couldn’t hurt.
I live in the Hollywood Hills and have a charming little apartment facing a beautiful tropical garden which I rent out. It has never been difficult to find tenants as the place is very appealing. However, I was having a problem. Three people in a row loved the apartment, loved it on sight and rented it. However, after spending one night told me, for a variety of reasons that they could not live there and moved out immediately.
One day, while walking our dogs, Patti mentioned to me that she visited houses which had spirits and cleared them. I told her of my situation and asked her to see what was going on in the apartment. When she entered, she informed me that while there was nothing really evil, she sensed a heavy presence in the living room. She also told me that that would be very easy to clear out.
A few days later Patti, my neighbor Michael and I set about the clearing. Under her direction, we paced the space burning various herbs and ringing bells as Patti spoke to the spirits. When we had completed four rounds, Patti told the spirit(s) to clear their energy out and to let the next resident’s energy in. Much to my astonishment, as I looked outside at the patio, I very distinctly saw a puff of smoke go up. When I mentioned it to Patti, she said, very of matter-of-factly, “Yes. That’s what they look like.”
The story has a happy ending. The next person who moved in was very happy there. After a year, she found a boyfriend and moved out. Next a wonderful couple moved in. After a year they are still here and are soon expecting their first baby. In conclusion, literally believe it or not, IT WORKED!!!!
Yvonne Elliott
When we purchased our dream home, we knew it was a fixer-upper – both physically and energetically.
We wanted our new house to be a clean slate upon which we could write the new chapter of our lives in Los Angeles . Patti’s house blessing was a fantastic and fun experience — even my three year old got in on the act. We made a decision not to analyze the process and just go with it and trust in Patti’s knowledge and beliefs. The end result speaks for itself. Our house became free of the stale energy that used to permeate the place and made room for our family to flourish! The night of the blessing, my husband and I agreed that the shared experience of the blessing made us feel a deeper connection to our home and it further bonded us together. In short, Patti’s house blessing made our fresh start complete!
Stephanie, Tim and Anabel