Patti’s Dream School 101

This month I am going to talk about “Dream School”.  

unnamed-1Well, “Dream School” is what I call it! Night time is a wonderful time to connect to spirit and get answers and guidance from the universe. Plus it is a wonderful tool in developing one’s own intuition and psychic ability! One reason for it, is that it gives us the opportunity to get our “logical brain” out of the way for awhile! Many of us humans tend to “over think” things – and sometimes that is not the most advantageous mind set for spiritual growth and enlightenment.

Here are a simple technique anyone can use.

First, set a glass of water by your bed at night. Water is an amazing “dream enhancer”. Plus, as an added bonus, a glass of water by the bed actually collects any negative energies that may come in during the night – so you are getting two benefits from one simple glass of water! (Please note, you should never drink the water right by your bed, because it has spent the night gathering up and collecting these energies. Ever notice how bedside water just doesn’t taste very good in the morning? That is why! Use it to water plants if you want, but keep your drinking water further away than your bedside table.)

Okay, back to Dream School… you have your glass of water by the bed. As you lay down, ask your guides or higher power (or whatever you believe in) to come to you in your dreams to help you with any guidance or questions you may have. Or, just let them know you are “enrolling in Dream School” and want to develop and learn in your sleep. Then just go to sleep! At first you may or may not remember your dreams… or they may not make sense – but after just a little while, you will notice a new clear direction or path or understanding is unfolding. It will get clearer and clearer and you can ask for any specifics as it develops!

Part two of Dream School is in the morning… if you have a set time you have to get up, set your alarm for 10 minutes before that. When your alarm rings, again ask for guidance from divine in your life path – or just in your day ahead… then hit the “snooze” button and know you have 10 minutes to travel to the world between awake and sleep for some final “schooling”. This is again a perfect time when you are sleepy and not focused on your left and rational brain. When you wake up at the next alarm, you will feel a slight sense of direction, clarity and focus to start your day!

Part three of Dream School… When you first get up, take a few minutes to think about anything you may have got. Think about how you feel, any thoughts going through your head. Don’t sensor yourself – just let the thoughts flow! Again, with just a little practice, new information and insights will come flooding in every morning!

I recommend setting up a little altar or “power space” next to your bed. It doesn’t have to be religious or spiritual – though it certainly can be. But put a few things there that empower you; a photo, a candle, a flower. Perhaps a crystal, statue or rock you found along a path. Things that help you feel good about YOU! Keep a pad of paper or journal there. Allow yourself at least three minutes every morning to journal your new expanding thoughts and understanding. Perhaps get some crayons or drawing pencils to draw what you see or feel if you don’t feel like writing. Either way, you are literally helping develop your intuition and psychic ability with every word or color stroke. Don’t worry if you don’t know what to write or draw at first… just let it flow. No one ever has to see it. You will be surprised in how in just a short time, more messages and clarity are going to come out of your writings or drawings or even from you Crayola color choices! Plus it is just plain fun and helps develop your creativity as well as your intuition! With only a few extra minutes every day – you can expand your universe by galaxies! Give it a try! I promise, it will open up a whole new magical world for you! Remember, magic is EVERYWHERE! “Til next time.

With love, blessings and big, big hugs from Hollywood! ;o) xox Patti. For more info, please visit