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Flaming Sword of Truth

One of Patti Negri’s tools is astral travel (or astral projection), a form of controlled out of body experience where the travelers eschew their flesh and bone bodies for ones made of souls, or energy, or something else entirely. In this state, travelers may move freely through time and space, see things previously hidden, visit alternate realities, or revisit past traumas, all while leaving their physical bodies safely at home. This is sometimes also called “remote viewing.”

Prominent Hollywood psychic comes to Butte Montana

Patti Negri, a medium and self-described “good witch,” spent time touring Butte’s historic buildings and conducting rituals to read the supernatural energy of the buildings. Negri, who is regular guest on the reality show Ghost Adventures, had some advice for people of the Mining City.

ScareLA 2017

This August Patti Negri was a panel exert at ScareLA™ 2017.  ScareLA™ is the first fan convention dedicated to Halloween. Situated in the entertainment capital of the world, it combines LA’s top talent and unique setting with a twist!

Spirit Guide Magazine 2017


As president of the American Federation of Certified Psychics and Mediums, Negri, like any great practitioner, continues to seek and study. When she was younger, it was traditional religions like Christianity, Buddhism, and Wicca. Now, she says, “There’s not a week I’m not studying something—chaos magick, British traditional craft, new age, old age—knowledge is power.”


On last night’s Candidly Nicole, Nicole Richie met Patti Negri, a witch who says she’s the “foremost expert” on ghost sex. Negri has made a career out of being a celebrity medium and a prominent thinker in the field of spectrophilia, a fetish or condition where people display a strong sexual attraction to ghosts and spirits.

Haunted Magazine #16 – Women in Paranormal Special

Published on Aug 19, 2016

Women, women, women, you can’t live with them but you can get them to write the features for Haunted Magazine Issue 16, and like a female version of Postman Pat, they have delivered. This issue we are celebrating girly ghosthunters, spooky sisters and the women of the Paranormal world, from Lorraine Warren writing our editorial to the new Ghostbusters to the The Living and the Dead, this issue is crammed with more females than you’d find in the lift to the Chippendale’s VIP Party.

We expected emotion, passion, humour and spookiness and we got emotion, passion, humour and spookiness AND so much more. There may be no proof that ghosts exist but we can say without a shadow of a doubt that Men are from Mars and Women are from Haunted Magazine. And remember. #dontbenormal – BE PARANORMAL!

How To Seduce A Ghost

Thanks to the aforementioned interview with Ms. Blasick, we knew where to find an expert — we looked no further than Patti Negri, a psychic medium and self-proclaimed “good witch” who has emerged as our nation’s leading/maybe only expert on spectrophilia.

Ghost Sex


I am honored to announce a brand new magazine coming out this next month!  4th Dimension!  I am thrilled to be on the cover of the premiere issue, with several articles inside!  It is now available at newstands, Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Lulu Press in both hard copy and download formats.

Recent Appearence on Ghost Adventurers



Decades of Hollywood history are etched into the graying walls of this historic entertainment landmark — the site of some of the most star-studded events in the business, including the Academy Awards, the Grammys, the Emmys, and on Sunday, May 7, the 2017 MTV Movie & TV Awards.

Psychic Medium Patti Negri conducts a seance at the infamous Lloyd Wright Sowden House to raise the Black Dahlia on an episode of mansion Hunters on The Reelz Channel.

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Ghost Sex

LA Story S2:E2 Raising the Veil

With Halloween just around the corner, Caitlyn organizes a spooky séance with a famous Hollywood Psychic. Watch to see what happens when the medium picks up on a budding romance that the squad didn’t know about.

LA Story S4:E6 Tarot Tell All

Jared invites the group to visit Patty the psychic for a tarot reading. The cards reveal the squad’s dirty laundry regarding friendships, romance and relationships. Meanwhile, Trent sees more at Patty’s than he bargained for!