Revive Your Spirit! September 20, 21 & 22

Revive Your Spirit!  September 20, 21 & 22

Beverly Garland Hotel

In addition to a spirit séance, a psychic Gallery and Mix & mingle networking party with live music,

here are the 8 workshops that will be given:

Spell Crafting & Basic Elemental Earth Magic 101                       By Patti Negri

I believe that magic is all around us.  I do not believe that you have to be a witch or a psychic to do spell work and create real change.  But, there are definitely some rules and guidelines you need to follow.  The power that makes a spell successful is not to be found in a book. The real power that makes a spell work dwells within you and the energy around you.  When you understand the true nature of the energy you work with, you can make real magic.  I have been practicing natural magic my entire life. My specialty is in adjusting energy and flow – in people, spaces, situations, most anything.  I work organically by creating spells and rituals that arrange natural elements to the rhythms and cycles of the universe. This can bring about healing, change our lives for the better, and create balance.  I work heavily with mother earth’s natural elements, using oils, herbs, sounds and stones in my workings.

This in no way clashes with spiritual or religious beliefs because magic acknowledges a supreme force of goodness and light.

In this workshop I will go over the basics of spell casting, give you the tools and information to create your own spell, and we will do a fun and effective “practice spell” together.

Shielding Negative Energies & Organizing Empathy, Healing Yourself          By Chinhee & Sunhee Park         

The world can be a cruel place filled with negative thinkers and doers. Sunhee will show you how to shield from this negativity. This applies to all sensitives and intuitives who face negative energies on a daily basis. Why should you have to punish yourself for other peoples’ negativity? You will learn the most effective and self-loving techniques. Chinhee will show how to organize your empathy. Everyone who can “feel” is empathic. Empathy can get out of control and people end up wearing other peoples’ negative emotions and ailments. So many people will benefit knowing how to control or organize their empathy and be able to live a healthier, happier life. Chinhee & Sunhee Park will show you there is an art to healing yourself.

Psychic Empowerment, Protection and Bloopers                                          By Jethro Smith                                     

Jethro sees auras and energy with the naked eye, enabling him to witness both the negative and positive effects of energies that deluge a person’s energy field on a daily basis. Metaphysical energies, such as gossip or positive intention, can be felt, sensed, touched and seen. Proactively learn to develop and strengthen your ability before energy manifests.

Jethro Smith provides development tools, audience readings, and from a unique perspective of seeing energy, shares psychic bloopers of psychics and non-psychics toward developing a healthy mind, body and spirit.

How to Spice up your Mundane Life                                                           By Robert Madrid Rodriguez                                                        

This workshop is to help steer you in the direction of applying your magical life and psychic abilities to your everyday life, to help enhance and improve your life to help you connect with the divine.

In the past 22 years that I have been practicing magick and using my psychic gifts, I have learned that when one walks this special path we have to be more aware of ourselves, surroundings, decisions, etc. I have learned with this special path comes special responsibilities. I will help you to connect with the divine light and teach a guided meditation to help one connect with their spirit guide and or angels to learn how to learn and know thy self. I will also be teaching you simple candle mojo bags, candle magick, etc to help you along your path to help remove and or ease any obstacles that may be in your way.

Understanding Energy & How To Make It Work For You                           by Dina Vitt

Since the beginning of time people have understood Energy and Its many forms and expressions.

This workshop explores the Universal Principles of Personal Energy and How to harness it’s power to make it work for you!!! You will learn ancient techniques and tools to take home and utilize immediate!

Astral travelling, psychic development and mediumship – a general overview and guide                                By Angeline Kim-Kyna Tan

Are you feeling the electromagnetic vibrational shifts in your body and consciousness? An awakening of your latent intuition, an enhancement of your ability to sense and empathize with others’ thoughts and feelings, and a gravitation towards positive and life-giving entities and environments? Perhaps you experience it as a spiritual quest and thirst; an excavation of your past; questioning of every sphere of your life – work, family and relationships; a deep concern about our environment and its sustainability, or a desire to be someone or somewhere else. Are you attuned with the shift? Are you maximizing your spiritual potential? Everything in the universe is interconnected. We draw energy from the cosmos and contribute energetically to everything that correlates to our physical senses. Realise your power and potential to transform yourself and the world in which you inhabit through the enhancement of your intuition and ability to communicate with your spirit guides.

Creative Movement and Guided Imagery Meditation               By Melissa A. Berman

Open to your personal gifts of creativity, imagination and intuition in this fun process-oriented movement and meditation workshop. Using the tools of theatre, dance and music, come explore elements of nature and spirit, and build mini “pieces” together which will be shared with all. Participate next in a guided meditation where you will be taken on a safe and magical journey with live music to support the sacred information being presented. Everyone will receive their own unique personal message in a relaxed and comfortable environment. Please wear comfortable clothing.

The Four Pathways of Intuitive Function                            By Van Doren Figueredo

· Clairsentience – Clear feeling

· Clairaudience- Clear hearing

· Clairvoyance – Clear seeing

· Clair cognizance – Direct perception (knowingness)

The function of intuition is experienced in a unique fashion for each individual, there are four pathways through with guidance can be transmitted: clairsentience, clairaudience, clairvoyance and Clair cognizance (the knowing).

This workshop will help validate your sensory perceptions using several exercises, experience the confidence and knowledge working with likeminded individuals.

· Exercises will be used for function to enhance person’s abilities.

· Useful practicing tools allowing others to read such as; photographs (seeing), solid objects (feeling) tools to assist with smell and hearing.

· CLASS DISCUSSION: Individuals will have the opportunity to discuss their experiences.


Conference Breakdown and basic info:

The conference will be Friday evening 9/20 thru Sunday 9/22 afternoon 9/22.

The advance price is only $111.00 per person for all 3 days!

This price includes a Mix and Mingle Friday evening with live music from the Hollywood Rhythm Kings,

Eight (8) different workshops, a Spirit Séance, a Gallery Read & Panel Q & A session.

Non advance registration price is $150.00 per person at the door.

We accept paypal, cash and checks.

To RSVP call Patti Negri at 323.461.0640 or email her at

If you are interested in being a vendor.  The fee is $100.00 and exhibit hall will be open from 8 AM until 7 PM Saturday only.   Vendor price includes an 8 foot table, 2 chairs and an approximate 8 x 8 space.

The event will be held at the beautiful Beverly Garland in North Hollywood.

To make discounted hotel room reservations email

Or call and give them the discount code of AFP.interested in being a vendor, the rates are $100.00 for an 8 foot table, 2 chairs and an approximate 8 x 8 space. Exhibits will be open from 8 AM until 7 PM on Saturda. To more information or to get a vendor space, call Christa Lore Urban at 321.663.0087 or For hotel rooms, the discount code is AFP. For discount room rates at the hotel go to this link: — interested in being a vendor, the rates are $100.00 for an 8 foot table, 2 chairs and an approximate 8 x 8 space. Exhibits will be open from 8 AM until 7 PM on Saturda. To more information or to get a vendor space, call Christa Lore Urban at 321.663.0087 or For hotel rooms, the discount code is AFP. For discount room rates at the hotel go to this link:

Weekend Agenda:

Friday 7 – 10 PM Mix and Mingle Networking Party with Live Music by the Hollywood Rhythm Kings

Saturday: Vendor Exhibits open 8 AM until 7 PM


9 AM Workshop

10 AM Workshop

11 AM Workshop

Lunch Break 12 noon until 2 PM / Vendor exhibits open

2 PM Workshop

3 PM Workshop

4 PM Workshop

Dinner Break 5 to 7 PM / Vendor Exhibits open

7 – 9 PM Spirit Seance

Sunday (workshop added)

9 – 10 Workshop

10 – 11 Workshop

11 – 12 Gallery Reading

12 to 1 Q & A session

We are also going to have a lunch meeting with all attending Federation members Sunday afternoon.

And Federation and ESP readers will be available for private readings throughout.


This is the first-ever and inaugural international convention of The American Federation of Certified Psychics and Mediums Incorporated – therefore it’s a historic and milestone event to be a part of.

As an integrity-based organization, the Federation sets and upholds the highest global standards and benchmarks. This is your opportunity to meet genuine, qualified, tested, certified and bona fide psychics, mediums, healers and spiritual advisors from around the world who will be there to help you to awaken your soul and senses, and to develop and realise your potential as a psychic or spiritual healer.

This pioneer event will bring together some of the world’s most gifted, talented, sincere and caring men and women in the psychic, medium and healing arts fields with the common vision of helping others to find their own inner voice, strength and empowerment. They will be present to share insights and messages through workshops, lectures, galleries, individual psychic and spiritual guidance readings, and much more in a transformational and impactful three-day event.